Darya Mitina (monigo) wrote,
Darya Mitina

О сообществе

Вот зарекалась писать в сообществе rusisrael, но написала. Получила ответ, почему отклонили мой пост. Лучше б отклонили без причины.

Your message submitted to the moderated community rusisrael has been rejected by a moderator of that community.
Please note that replies to this email are not sent to the community's moderator(s). If you would like to discuss the reasons for your entry's rejection, you will need to contact a moderator directly.

Here are the reasons for the rejection as provided by the moderator:
Больше нет виз. Не нужно приглашение. Но спросите в <lj comm=ru_il_visa>


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